Property InventoryLiving in a rental accommodation is not the easiest of things in life. Rental agreements, flat mates, landlords, leasing agencies and all the rest can really make life difficult for tenants but many hassles and unforeseen issues can be avoided or resolved by the preparation and inclusion of a thorough and properly prepared inventory report. Inventory reports are prepared at the beginning of the rental contract or lease, throughout it, and at the end of the lease or rental agreement.

Inventory reports are a very important part of rental agreements as they protect both parties when compiled properly and adequately so they need to be prepared by specially qualified, professional inventory clerks. We can offer our customers professional inventory report services at competitive prices. Our inventory clerks are highly qualified professionals with plenty of experience and the right set of skills. Using us for your property inventory services ensures you receive the most comprehensive and professional service available.

We can prepare inventory reports for private customers, leasing agencies, tenants, property management companies and more. When in the process of signing a new rental agreement, or perhaps ending and existing one all parties involved need to be sure that their interests are well protected and all proceedings are carried out properly and accordingly. A properly compiled, professional inventory report prepared by an independent third party is the perfect instrument to look after one’s interest and to make sure everything is done by the book.

We serve as an independent third party and protect the interests of both parties which are about to enter or exit the rental or lease agreement in question. Our report clerks are qualified professionals with AIIC Certification. They can also compile interim reports, which are very important, especially for long term leases. We aim to give our customers personalized, flexible service designed to meet individual requirements. Our service pricing is fair and competitive, our services are available to private and commercial customers seven days a week. Should you have additional questions or queries about services, prices or another matter, please feel free to contact our office.